Wednesday, March 1, 2023

گرامی باد هشت مارس روز جهانی زن، زندگی، آزادی و برابری Long Live March 8 International Women's Day




Inequality and discrimination against women have been applied throughout the history of class societies by rulers from above and reactionaries and religious demagogues from below. With the emergence of capitalist relations and the use of women's labor in textile fabrics and other production centers under one roof, the ground was provided for the formation of women's organizations and the discussion and exchange of opinions and formulation of demands for their rights. For the first time, the Socialist Party of America organized an event called "Women's Day" on February 28, 1909 in New York City. Subsequently, in 1910, the Socialist Women's Conference in Copenhagen proposed the annual observance of International Women's Day. Although the founders of this movement were socialist women, it quickly broke gender and class boundaries and included a wider range of egalitarian women and men. The cherished tradition of International Women's Day in Iran was established one hundred years ago on 1301 Shamsi (1923) by the "Jamiate Peyke Saadat Nesvan" in Rasht, and in 1357 Shamsi (1979), with a large protest march and against the brutal attack of Islamic reactionaries on women's rights, the torch of this movement was passed from generation to generation to the present day revolutionary movement of Women, life, Freedom by Mahsa, Nika, Sarina and hundreds of thousands of men and women in Iran and solidarity of millions around the world.

The Fascist Islamic Regime of Iran ordered the suppression of this revolutionary movement with all its might and killed hundreds of people, abducted thousands of people, did not fail to torture and rape and blind protesters to poisoning girls in schools. This regime has exposed its anti-human nature so much that the majority of the freedom-loving people of Iran and the world are counting the days for the burial ceremony of the Islamic fascism regime along with all its repressive apparatuses from the Revolutionary Guards, Basij, Islamic Courts, and even the Religious Institutions of ignorance and demagoguery (Houzeh Elmiye).

Organizations and activists of the emancipation of women movement will celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day in Iran on March 8 this year 1401 Shamsi (2023) in every city and town, streets and neighborhood. Abroad, our activists will try to show solidarity and gather support for the Women, Life, and Freedom movement in Iran by participating in marches and ceremonies on March 8 in their countries of residence.


Long live March 8, International Women's Day!

Women and Men, arm in arm, March for Freedom and Equality!

We will not settle for less than total freedom and equality!

The Organization for Emancipation for Women (Sazemane Rahi zan)


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