Sunday, April 29, 2012

نشریه رهائی زن سری سوم شماره سه ویژه اول ماه مه

 برای دریافت این شماره اینجا را کلیک کنید

رسانه های سازمان آزادی زن عراق OWFI's Al Mousawat Media

A brief overview of OWFI's Al Mousawat Media:
Al Mousawat Radio OWFI's radio station serves as a platform for free and secular expression and is drawing strong public participation and support for women's rights. Providing a free voice over the airwaves is integral to Iraq's transition into a democratic society. Al Mousawat Radio has become a critical tool for opening up the discussion about oppressive policies, including Sharia Law and the death penalty, to the public sphere. Hundreds of women, men and youth call the live programming every week, adding to the growing, dedicated listenership of Al Mousawat Radio, and friends of OWFI. Al Mousawat now airs over 10 hours/day to 8-9 million listeners. Listen here.
Al Mousawat Newspaper OWFI's newspaper publication challenges the current political structure in Iraq and its devastating impact on women's freedoms, and calls for a reexamination that is inclusive of women's voices and their rights. It also acts as a tool to raise awareness on the violence perpetrated against women and other groups as well as violations of their rights. Read our latest issue covering International Women's Day celebrations in Iraq.