Thursday, June 20, 2013

Discussion about women’s rights in Iranian society

تریبون آزاد رهائی زن

By: Sirvan Fatahi

Discussion about women’s rights in Iranian society’s

In Iranian Society’s there are many problems and rules that woman face on a daily basis that I would like to flag.

Lack of financial independence and economic dependence that women deal with is causing the biggest problem from being independent humans. It’s one of the biggest obstacles for fighting against violence, oppression and discrimination. The women who are financially dependent don’t have the courage to stand up and fight the battle to be independent. In fact keeping the woman economically dependent, by not letting them be economically independent is the biggest key that has been taken away from them, 

Lack of independence of thought, and personality is one of the most important woman’s issue Despite the lack of independence which has been hidden,  Is with big importance i believe. Perhaps this lack of financial autonomy to be more radical, First of all i think woman need to be more free minded, and their thoughts should be of a more mature way of thinking to be able to take action and find the root to their problem and come up with a solution to make themselves  a better way of living more independent.

The lack of support, social and cultural from the government and official institution and even from their families and friends is the main problem that all females are faced with even at an early stage in life. 

This lack of support has put the woman out of order and given them problems socially and culturally as a human and citizen. The picture the woman receives about their abilities and rights is just an illusion of their relations and actions towards the society during their life in a marriage. This contributes to decide a way of living for all women with workforce as a big issue.
I picture that woman are the key to the future.

Another big issue for the woman is the lack of Law for legal protection, both enabled and disabled, discrimination and women in oppression in Iran. The law deprives any female rights Which gives them no rights towards the depth of statutory consequences of oppression or discrimination and violence against them. I do understand the importance of it, but not as if they are the reason or are causing this situation them, selves  If a woman confronts violence or oppression caused by her father, brother or any other male family member in the highest government or society, I inflict the law for extramarital independence.

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