Wednesday, February 2, 2011


تریبون آزاد رهائی زن

Sahar Niazi- Feb. 2011
This article explains how Islamic Laws limit women’s rights to extend which forbids women to have an ordinary life. The list of forbidden issues for women is so long that I could only mention to a few, such as laughing, dancing, running, having make up, putting some strand of hair out of their scarves, speaking aloud, having any kinds of relationship with members of opposite sex, shaking hands with men, and so on.
Therefore, I chose some important forbidden zones for women to explain how Islamic government in Iran limits women’s activities, such as political activities, women rights, women laws, legal barriers to female employment, and mandatory veil for women in Iran.
In my article, I conclude that Islamic laws and Iranian rulers try to drive women to their homes and limit them in order that women cannot be seen in the society. However, Iranian women constantly attempt to achieve their rights through social and political activities.

This article has been published in some Opposition websites around the world such as:

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